Tantan Ramen

This dish is served with a really spicy soup that uses the tonkotsu soup as a base. This spicy ramen is made from an exquisite balance of Chinese cuisine’s tan tan noodles and ramen. For the toppings, the soup and noodles are accompanied with seasoned ground meat, bean sprouts, spring onion, bok choy, and finally, it is garnished with ground toasted sesame seeds. Nishida Shoten’s special curly noodles are great match for the spicy soup, allowing you to appreciate the spiciness and good flavors at the same time. A lot of our customers often drink down the whole of the spicy soup, unable to stop themselves drinking it after they’ve finished their ramen. The ramen that you just can’t stop eating: that’s Nishida Shoten’s Tan Tan Ramen.