After Hours: Nishida Sho-ten

Are you one of mavericks looking for food adventure way past midnight? Nishida Sho-ten is a go-to place for Japanese cuisine fix. In a city that never sleeps, it is hard to get a great meal after 12mn. A typical scenario is finishing work late and hungry stomach growling. You want some good food and drinks but only to find out that kitchen is closed. There are some joints that are open but don’t offer great service during late hours.

Nishida Sho-ten will save those hunger pangs after the city has said good night. It offers late night fare that has all the bold flavors. Ideally the best meals during this time should be both delicate and challenging. It will help if it has the potential to absorb beer and can be eaten with chopsticks. Different variety of ramen bowls with hot soup fits the bill. Don’t forget the yummy buns on the side. Nishida Sho-ten have more than 10 appetizers including pork dumpling, fried takoyaki, chicken wings, spare ribs, squid and duck. All are perfect for late night cravings.

Nishida Sho-ten is now open from 11 am to 4 am the next day daily. Local patrons requested this after-hours service. There is no great place to drink and be merry than in Nishida Shoten found at 49th street & 2nd avenue

Everyday 11:30am – 4am

302 E 49th St NY, NY 10017 (Bet. 1st & 2nd Ave.)
Tel: 212-308-0791