Spring is in the air at Nishida Shoten


Nishida Sho-ten has added another special ramen to their long list of menu. It’s the “Shio Ramen with Broccoli Blossoms”. Many would cringe at the thought of broccoli but this dish put the green veggies in the limelight. This is a new way of looking at broccoli and there is no turning back. How many […]

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After Hours: Nishida Sho-ten


Are you one of mavericks looking for food adventure way past midnight? Nishida Sho-ten is a go-to place for Japanese cuisine fix. In a city that never sleeps, it is hard to get a great meal after 12mn. A typical scenario is finishing work late and hungry stomach growling. You want some good food and […]

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Hiyashi Chuka


Summer has made its long-awaited return to New York! Nishida Shoten has begun its hiyashi chuka (chilled cold noodles). In Japan, one of the things that is strongly associated with the summer season is the well renowned hiyashi chuka. Nishida Shoten’s hiyashi chuka will cool you down and leave you feeling refreshed!

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After winter storm, Get hot ramen at Nishida Sho-ten !

Kakuni Ramen

We hope you finished snow shoveling for your house without any problem. So it is time to get hot ramen at Nishida Sho-ten now ! We are not close today, we are open as usual !

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Tantan Ramen


This dish is served with a really spicy soup that uses the chiken soup as a base. This spicy ramen is made from an exquisite balance of Chinese cuisine’s tan tan noodles and ramen. For the toppings, the soup and noodles are accompanied with seasoned ground meat, bean sprouts, spring onion, bok choy, and finally, […]

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