Slurp a bowl of Cold Ramen this Summer !

The memories of winter chill includes flavorful ramen broth and its filling noodles. This is certainly the best comfort food during those months. Now, the summer sun has risen and certainly this dish will not get lost in the picture. In fact it has level up. Cold Ramen is ideal and refreshing dish for the hot summer days. Ramen trend has gained popularity in New York City over the last years. People are becoming aware of the various broths that makes ramen interesting and delicious. Some even create their own from scratch.

This summer season cold ramen dishes are gaining popularity and Nishida Sho-ten is the go to place. Satisfy your craving for only $13. Order a bowl and receive cold noodles with tons of crunch and simmering hot broth. The al dente noodles will be loved by both ramen and pasta lovers. You will experience various taste and texture in one bowl.

The hearty taste comes from the Dashi broth base which is a combination of spices and secret ingredients. Cold ramen is composed of Broccoli blossom, Plum, Tomato Chicken, Egg and Cucumber. The combination of these ingredients makes it a light and refreshing dish.

Want to have a cold ramen? Visit Nishida Sho-ten and pair it up with your favorite drink. The colorful veggies and shinning noodles are begging to be your next subject on your next photo that you can share with your friends.

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