Kakuni Ramen

Made from carefully cooked square pork slices and tonkotsu (pork bone) soup, this is our simple, yet genuine tonkotsu ramen. Toppings are also kept very simple. Bok choy (Chinese vegetable), boiled egg, and a little bit of onion all help to draw out the flavor of the ramen. Above all, our square pork slices are stewed for tens of hours; the tenderness of these slices is exceptional. They go outstandingly well with our tonkotsu broth. Nishida Shoten’s tonkotsu soup is completely original. Our shop’s leading chef, Mr. Nishida, is particularly obsessive about getting the soup right. Having being used in the cooking process for 14 hours, our tonkotsu soups have a deep rich color, which brings forth the refreshing flavor. Furthermore, Nishida Shoten is also particular about the noodles. At Nishida Shoten, we offer our very own original homemade noodles. Being obsessed with making the best noodles, we carefully select our wheat flour and make our noodles by hand. We make sure to never use any instant products. We are confident that the Kakuni Ramen that Nishida Shoten makes is going to become a new standard in New York.