Spring is in the air at Nishida Shoten

Nishida Sho-ten has added another special ramen to their long list of menu. It’s the “Shio Ramen with Broccoli Blossoms”.

Many would cringe at the thought of broccoli but this dish put the green veggies in the limelight. This is a new way of looking at broccoli and there is no turning back. How many times have you heard a ramen with broccoli blossoms? This bold move made Nishida Sho-ten a place to discover the beauty of spring.

For people of Japan, Broccoli Blossoms represents the coming of spring and they enjoy these in early part of the season. The look of this colorful ramen represents spring. Only a handful of people use broccoli to create a ramen dish and he result is a healthy and delicious recipe.

Shio means salt in Japanese. The base of this ramen is dashi broth. Unlike other noodle soup, this one is not based on soy sauce. A bowl of this ramen includes Broccoli Blossoms, Bamboo Shoot, Chicken Breast, Plum, Corn, Red Radish and Seaweed. All are covered with Dashi Broth Based Soup. . Overall it has light flavor.

The ramen can be finished down to the last slurp. You can feel energized and alert after eating a bowl of Shio ramen. For those who value health, this yummy dish will not disappoint.

For just $14, taste an authentic Japanese ramen bowl that is both healthy and delicious at the same time.

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