How to enjoy Dipping Ramen at Nishida Sho-ten

Tsuke-men is gaining popularity in any ramen store in Japan. (Tsuke – dip, Men – noodles). It is simply known as the dipping ramen.

New Yorkers fret not because this is something that you can enjoy. Nishida Sho-ten is bringing to the table a new ramen called “Tonkotsu Tsuke-men”. This ramen is different from the usual thick and flavorful soup with eggs, pork and toppings. It is taken to a higher level. What makes it special?

Noodles and broth are placed in the separate bowls. It gives a beautiful impression that shows off Nishida Sho-ten’s finest. Sounds interesting? Because it is. You will dip the noodles in the soup and shove it in your mouth. The broth is made from simmered pork bones giving it a very rich taste.

There are several things to love about this new dish. Tonkotsu Tsuke-men bring out the best out of the noodles. Imagine glistening noodles in a bowl. They are thick so all the flavors of the broth sticks to it. Sometimes you have to taste it before dipping in the sauce. It is actually good on its own. For the soup, it is also thick and flavorful. The soup can be adjusted depending on your taste. You can just dip half the noodles so you can savor the noodles and the broth. Be sure to slurp the noodles quickly after dipping them because they tend to cool quickly.

This ramen with a twist is served cold and warm at the same times. The noodles are cold and the soup is hot. It is a perfect combination for comfort food.

Choose from 200g or 400g noodles. Both for the same price of $14. Tonkotsu Tsukemen will be a favorite dish for the months to come.